Forum 2: Media projects

Hi Oksana and Julia.

I’m also very interested in the minority and identity issues. Your descriptions about the borderland between Ukraine and Moldavia are very interesting. I could imagine working together with you on a team. I have a couple of questions concerning the main topic. Are you especially interested in the Roma (gypsies) minority in the village or moreover in different (various) minorities in this region?

My interest would be a wider range of different identities and minorities as you pointed out with your questions. As I understand, you are also interested to research along both sides at the border of Ukraine and Romania? Concerning the history of this region and the current territory conflicts between Russia and Ukraine (also thinking in Transnistria), it is a very diverse and complex topic I like to discover in teamwork.

What do you think? Did I understand your project proposal correctly?

I would be very interested to work with you on this project.

Anja Schäfer

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