III. Minorities and Homeland

Group III: Georgeta Carasiucenco (MD), Alina Kashchuk (UA), Anja Schäfer (D)

Report published by moldova.org: Frica românilor din Ucraina. Fără drept la cetățenia română, încalcă legea (in Romanian)


We want to find out what are minorities next to the Ukrainian and Moldavian border. What is Motherland for them? Do they feel them in home in their native town/village? Or do they want to cross the border once forever? Do they feel comfortable with the society they live in?

To answer those questions we want to find a few communities on both sides of the Ukrainian-Moldavian border and find out:
– how do they identify themself?
– what language do they speak?
– do they ever want to move?
– are they patriots of the country?
– what is their jobs? do they bring enough money?
– if they know why did it happen that they are minorities in certain country?
– do they feel themselves as a part of society or separately?

Why it is important to answer those questions?
Because both Ukraine and Moldova loosed parts of their territories in conflicts with Russia. Therefore, to find for people in this countries unity of all residents is an urgent need.